cricket puzzle – Solve it, if U can…#IndvsAus

Solve it, if U can…Here’s how it goes

How many runs can a single player score in a One day match…

No ‘no balls’, ‘no wides,’ ‘no extras’ and no over throws…

what would be the maximum runs he can score in an ideal case scenario.

Answer to the Cricket Puzzle:

In an Ideal case scenario the batsman would have to hit a six on every ball, but since he has to also face the maximum number of balls to get maximum runs, he would have to retain the strike at the end of each over.

He can run 3 runs on the last ball and keep the strike with himself. So the batsman can score 6 x 5=30 runs in the first 5 balls and 3 runs on the last ball.

That make 33 runs every over till the 49th over. 33 x 49 =1617

In the last over since he does not have to retain the strike in the next over, he can hit a 6 every ball and score 36 runs.

Hence the maximum runs that can be scored by a single batsman in a one day cricket match is 1617+36=1653

Answer = 1653