Latest Whatsapp Jokes

BOY on a date in a AUDI Q7 car 🚘–
I need to tell truth to you.. That I am already married. 😐

Girl: (hugs )..!
You scared me.. I thought the AUDI car is not yours..

All Men are Brave,
Horror Movies don’t Scare them….
But 5 Missed Calls from Wife… Surely does…

🚦What is Checkmate?

U tell ur wife I saw a lady, looked xctly like u”
wife asks “WAS SHE HOT..??”
U cnt say ‘no’
U cnt say ‘yes’
That is Checkmate.! 😋😜

🚥The Men are very Kind & Women are very Selfish!
Most Women Don’t Like to Help Unknown Men😖

But All Men Are Ready anytime 2 Help Unknown Women.


🏄A Man Lost his Wife In Tsunami………
One Drunk-Night …..while standing on the Seashore, waves touching on his feet….
he shouted to the Sea: ‘No matter how many times your Waves Touch my Feet…… .
I’ll Never take her back….. !! ……
Its your mistake..

🎲A couple went to a wish well.
Santa bent down, threw a coin & made a wish.

Wife bent down a little more and fell into the well.

Santa shouted,
“O Teri..
It works!

🍟Wife Rings Husband..

Husband : I am in office and very busy, wht abt u ?
Wife: Am in KFC, sitting behind your table.
And your kids r asking, who is that Aunty with dad..?

Mobile has taught us three things..
1. Whatever makes you happy,save It..
2. Whatever makes others happy, forward It..
3. Whatever will make no one happy, delete It..
Apply these rules in life..
Life will be much easier…..